About Gas Safe Gear

Gas Safe Gear is part of the Gas Safe Consultants Ltd group of Companies.

Gas Safe was established in 1991 in response to a market requirement for specialised safety training in the safe use, handling, storage and transportation of industrial, laboratory, cryogenic, medical and special gases. We are the UK market leader in this field.

Over the years many of our customers have asked us if we can help them select and purchase the correct gas control equipment and associated products. Gas Safe Gear has been created to meet your requirements by supplying a wide range of high quality products at competitive prices on an easy to use website. There are detailed downloads on all products, which include prices.

You can download our FREE ‘Self Assessment Checklists’ to help you assess your compliance and potential equipment requirements.

Other services that you may be interested in include:

On-Site Advisory Survey (click for more info)   

By appointing Gas Safe Consultants Ltd to conduct a Site Advisory Survey you will: 

  • help management to develop an awareness of the hazards and risks associated with the gases used on your site   
  • greatly assist personnel who are responsible for the identification of risk and management of safety in your workplace  
  • be able to review your safety policies, procedures and operating practices in line with gas specific Codes of Practice and Guidance notes, enabling them to assess their compliance levels against Legislation and best operating practices  
  • receive a site-specific survey report that provides a detailed analysis of gas specific compliance or non-compliance within the workplace. The report will also provide guidance on appropriate solutions on how to minimise exposure to gas related hazards together with recommendations for staff training  

Piped System Inspection and Testing (click for more info)

Piped System Installations (click for more info)

Written Schemes of Examination (click for more info)

If you do not see what you require, or for assistance with your selection, call 01270 758890 or e-mail us on enquiries@gassafegear.com.

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